Ashlan Cousteau

Journalist. Ocean Restorationist.
Impact Entrepreneur.

About Ashlan Cousteau

Journalist, Ocean Restorationist and Impact Entrepreneur, Ashlan Cousteau dedicates her life and career to making our blue planet better every day.

A graduate of the prestigious School of Journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ashlan worked for over a decade as an on-camera correspondent and co-host for Emmy award-winning entertainment shows E! News and Entertainment Tonight.

As a social and impact entrepreneur, Ashlan is the co-founder of two wellness companies, SeaVoir Wellness and SeaWeed Naturals.
Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau are building SeaVoir as the world’s most restorative wellness brand. Leveraging thier world-renowned legacy, SeaVoir is starting with a Vegan Omega 3 supplement made from algae, nature’s source of Omega 3’s (fish and krill get their Omega-3s by eating algae). SeaVoir's supplement will replace the destructive and low-quality fish and krill oil market and help solve the biggest climate catastrophe no one knows about - the krill fishery in the Southern Ocean.

SeaWeed Naturals is combining the powerful benefits of restoratively farmed marine ingredients like seaweed and algae and regeneratively farmed land ingredients to create a whole new category of Land x Sea Wellness. As an impact brand, SeaWeed Naturals is committed to building a restorative economy and restoring the health and wellness of our customers AND the planet.

Ashlan’s first book Oceans for Dummies was published in February 2021.

Ashlan was the co-star of Travel Channel’s award-winning series, Caribbean Pirate Treasure for three seasons. Her documentary, Nuclear Sharks, for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week 2016 premiered as the #1 rated show across all cable programming.

Ashlan is an ardent supporter of youth leadership and education through her work with EarthEcho International; a leading environmental education organization that is building a global youth movement to restore and protect our ocean planet. To date, EarthEcho has activated over 2 million youth in 146 countries through its programs.

Cousteau’s endeavors go beyond the small screen. In 2018, Ashlan traveled to Antarctica to be a headlining speaker at TedxScottBase. She is a sought after speaker having presented at numerous global events, universities, and conferences. She is a voice for environmental issues on Capitol Hill through events, and briefings and serves on the Boards of Antarctica 2020, the Environmental Media Association and the National Council of the World Wildlife Fund.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two daughters, rescue dog, and chicken Heidi Plume. And she is proud to say that she visited all seven continents before her husband.